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Independently locally owned and operated retail store
in Southington,CT.

We provide:
  • Video Games & Systems and Accessories
  • Collectibles
  • Video Game Repair
  • Wrestling Collectibles
  • Magic, Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh Cards
  • Sportscards & Autographed Items and Novelties
  • Action Figures (DC,Marvel,Spawn,Star Trek Star Wars,UFC,WWE,ETC.)

We provide an amazing inventory of retro and current generation
games, toys, collectibles, imports, and much more. 


M & J Video Games & Collectibles LLC.  We have unbeatable trade-in prices and we accept 

consoles from Atari to PS4 and Xbox One & PC games.

If we are looking for something you have we will offer you top dollar or
trade credit. Stop by our store or send us info on your games, consoles
or accessories and we will give you a quote within 72 hours.


Playing video games has spanned decades now. From the original Atari 2600 that

spurred the home console market to today's PS4 and Xbox one, video games have

continued to capture a larger and larger audience. The 80's and 90's are what we

consider the "Golden Age" of video games. Classic video games like Mario Bros,

Pac Man, Donkey Kong and others paved the way to attracting audiences of all ages.

We have Nintendo and Sega to thank for that. However, Retro gaming also

encompasses Sony Playstation and Xbox original classics like Final Fantasy VII and

Halo that sparked the path of RPG and FPS style gaming. We can go on and on with

examples of groundbreaking games but you get the point!

M & J Video Games and Collectibles has been selling games for almost a decade and

our staff has been playing games since the dawn of the home console. As with most

people who have been playing for as long as we have, we have always valued our

roots in gaming.

The excitement and satisfaction of completing Legend of Zelda or Mega Man

for the first time, those moments remain always engrained in our hearts and minds.

Today games have exploded into main stream and the expansion has brought many

new concepts and extraordinary developments in gaming. Many of the indie game

developers have reached back in time to respawn a new generation into retro style

video gaming and new generations of classic game enthusiasts. 

The surge in popularity has brought vintage video games full circle and driven an

explosion in the classic video game market. Level Up Video Games like many

independent game stores has definitely seen the demand for classic video games

increase and the customer buying these games has changed too. A younger

audience who may have watched a popular Youtube or Blog review for a classic

game and was interested in playing said title. Our level of experience and knowledge

gives us the ability to answer your questions and assist you in having the best

experience in enjoying classic games.M & J Video Games and Collectibles is first and

foremost a retro video game store where you have always been

able buy retro video games and classic video game consoles. 

We love this stuff and are passionate about sharing our knowledge about classic

video games and the retro video game history with our customers.